15 March 2018

A number of children are killed or seriously injured on Lancashire's roads each year and you have a part to play in helping to keep your child safe on the roads.

Please take time to read LCC's leaflet which can be visited by clicking on the link here


Dear Parents


Unfortunately, over the last few months we have had two incidents involving Holy Family children and cars.

In order to keep all of your children safe please help by following this advice:

When dropping your children off, please park in the church car park and walk them across the road.

Please slow down when driving near school.

Please do not drive into the staff car park - some children walk through to park their bikes and scooters.

Please do not park where the cones are placed or along the yellow zig zags.

I strongly encourage you all to follow this advice in the hope that we can stop any further accidents occurring.  A united approach, I feel, is the only way we can ensure the safety of our pupils.

Many thanks

Mrs J Westray