Year 6 Food technology lesson this week involved tasting and evaluating different soup products on the UK market. They will be going on to design their own group recipe and to then to cook their recipe in future lessons. 

The children tasted 5 different soups and then evaluated them in terms of appearance, flavour and texture. Here are a few of their thoughts

"My favourite soup was the Moroccan Vegetable Tagine. I liked this because it had a hint of spice and it tasted really mouth-watering.  Marli

"My favourite soup was Tomato and Basil because it wasn't too strong but it had a nice flavour" Poppy

" The lesson was really fun, especially when we had to guess the flavour and ingredients of each soup first." Matthew

"My favourite part of the lesson was the tasting all the different soups." Arvin

"I am looking forward to designing my own soup recipe with my friends" Summer