The intent for Latin at Holy Family Catholic Primary School is to give an understanding of the importance of Latin in everyday language we use in this society. It will open up new ways of thinking and understanding of many languages including German, Spanish, French and Italian.

The children will be able to use their knowledge to support their learning of other subjects including Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Design Technology, Geography, History and Music.

The children will gain confidence, resilience and have the ability to perform to an audience.

They will understand more complex vocabulary in their everyday lives, giving them more opportunities for self fulfilment. 

Some of the comments from our children about Latin:

Reece (Year 3) – "It is interesting, as it is a new language."

Marli (year 4) – "I like it, it’s kind of tricky but I am getting use to it."

Hanna (year 4) – "I like learning about the Roman army."

Carol (Year 4)– "I like doing the performances."

Classics for All

We are affiliated with Blackpool Sixth Form college and Peter Wright explains why Latin is so important.

Latin for schools

School Vision

The school vision for the teaching of Latin

Curriculum Information

Holy Family Curriculum progression in Latin

National Curriculum

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