Parents and Carers Advice

We use the Safer Internet Day website to help us.

Please use this to encourage children to keep safe online at home and school all the time.

Please use the following link to find information to help you.

Please click here for our e-safety poster for parents!

The sites below are worth visiting to find out more about internet safety and the safe use of the many developing technologies that you and your child will come across.  This really is important, so take a look.


E-Safety: Useful Links & Resources

Online safety helpline

Free, independent, expert advice and support with all aspects of digital and online safety

UK  Safer Internet Centre

Tel: 0844 381 4772

Mon - Fri 10am - 4 pm

Self- Audit

Free E-Safety selt-audit tool for organisations. Awards and certificates can be obtained

Early Years

Lots of parent and child friendly resources on all aspects of e-safety.

Parents and Carers

E-safety & Austism

On-line Safety Resource Guide


Superb resources for young people, professions & parents/carers

*See 'Sexting Toolkit' and 'Picture this' for high schools.