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The Year 5 teaching team are Miss Yallanki and Miss Oates. Our door is always open so feel free to come and speak to us over any concerns or to see how well your child is progressing. 

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Year 5—Life in the Risen Jesus

“Prayer is a living relationship with God in, with and through Jesus Christ. All prayer, whether private or public is God’s gift, the action of the Holy Spirit in us and an expression of this living relationship. Prayer is an expression of the universal search for God and of the response of faith to God’s Self-Revelation”                                                                                                                                                                                                              Religious Education Curriculum Directory

Year 5 will learn the story of the appearance of Jesus to Mary of Magdala and learn that the risen Jesus us present among us in different ways. They will learn about Jesus’ teaching on, and example of, prayer and have a better understanding of the Lord’s Prayer. They will learn that we can pray in different ways.

At Home

You could help your children by:

• reading and discussing the story of Mary of Magdala

• talking with them about prayer

• making time for prayer together


Take a look at the photos below of our Jelly Experiment in our Science lesson

Map Skills

Year 5 enjoyed comparing old and modern maps. They looked at old maps of the world (which looked very different to ours today) and tried to spot modern countries.