During Lent, Year 6 children have been collecting small items of stationery, toothbrushes and toothpaste for children in The Gambia.

Mrs Wilson, Year 6 Class teacher, will be visiting this country during Easter break and will deliver the  children’s collection to Gambian children who come from very deprived homes. 

During Lent, Year 6 children spent time thinking about and appreciating how fortunate they are to have a safe and happy learning environment with lots of resources to help them learn.  

As a Catholic community, we believe that Lent is a time for appreciating what we have and also for  helping others who are less fortunate. 

Loving God,
Help us to work together
to share what we have
so that everyone has what they need.
Help us to build a better world
where each of us can become the best person we can be.