Year 5 and 6 children presented an assembly this morning to commemorate the 80th anniversary of  D-Day. On 6th June 1944, troops from the UK, US, France and Canada landed in Normandy, France. The allies were able to fight back against the Germans and start to free countries such as France and Belgium which had been under Nazi occupation. Ultimately, it allowed them to take the war to Germany and defeat them in Berlin, putting an end to  World War II.

The children presented a radio clip and a short film which featured a man who remembered this momentous day from his childhood. The film was followed by questions about D- Day and why it is remembered as such an important event in world history. 

Their assembly ended with Katy leading a prayer focused on our Social Catholic Teaching principle of Peace.

In our thoughts and prayers, we remember the servicemen killed in World War II as well as the innocent men, women and children in Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Palestine who are suffering as a result of war today 


God of love

We pray for peace in our world and an end to war.

Instead of hatred, let there be love.

Shelter your children and protect them.

Guide us and keep us from harm, so we can build a world of love and live our lives in peace.