Year 5 and Year 6 Dodgeball disco


Year 5 had an exciting and interesting Science Day at UClan

Our Year 5 and Year 6 children had an interesting and busy day at the Maths Challenge with other primary schools.


We had a great day on Friday 9th June. Andy Severyn came to school and worked with every class, culminating in a performance by the children of the new songs of worship they had learnt.




Holy Family really enjoyed the play of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 


The children showed off their guitar talents in our assembly.




Year 5 have been exploring drama as part of their Rainforest theme, learning what it is like to live in the Amazon.

Children’s Liturgy

In class 4, children take it in turns in small groups to prepare their own class Liturgy. In this Liturgy prepared by Nikita, Liya, Oliver and Finley , relaxing music was played as the class gathered together. They then showed that Jesus was amongst them by lighting a candle. The children read the word of God from the Bible and performed a small piece of drama depicting Jesus first appearing to his disciples after his  resurrection. The group then asked the class to join in their prayers and to reflect on the words and prayers as they passed a symbol of life between them. The class then thanked the group for sharing this lovely class worship.


Year 5 and 6 had a visit from a group of mini- beasts.

We learnt about their characteristics, habitats and the food chains of these creatures.



As a school, we have been raising money for Cafod by making coin fishes.




Year 5 went to find out more about the different rituals and symbols in our church.


As part of World Book Day we dressed up in our pyjamas and enjoyed a day of lots of book related activities. This included; sharing stories and hot chocolate with Nursery children, designing our own book based board game, retelling a story using puppets we had made. We also completed a book scavenger hunt, that was really fun! We even wrote a WHOLE SCHOOL story!! The children in nursery started us off and we carried it on all the way up the school. We really enjoyed adding in the part about the iphone! What do you think of our school story?




On Thursday 9th March Becca, a gymnastics coach, came to our school to teach us gymnastics. During our lesson, we practiced a type of conditioning training to develop our strength. We practiced several different activities which included: an air mat, spring vault, ab rollers, sliders, benches used as beams and cartwheel mats. We (Year 5/6) all enjoyed the session, although we were all tired out and exhausted! Towards the end, we did various stretches to cool down our muscles after the training.




Year 5 learnt about God’s creations in Awe and Wonder. 


Year 5 had a great time at Our Lady’s Catholic High School preparing for the advent service at St.Anthony’s church.


Year 5 really enjoyed reading to our Nursery children.


Year 5 learnt so much from our trip to a rock factory.