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Headteacher: Mrs J Westray BA(Hons), NPQH


                                                                                                                      1 September 2020

Dear Parent/Carers,


I am writing to inform you of the steps the school will be taking to fully reopen to all pupils.


We understand that the return to school is vital for your child’s education and wellbeing; therefore, we will ensure that all pupils can return in the Autumn term and do so safely. While the risk to children becoming severely unwell due to coronavirus  is considered to be low, we will continue to put social distancing and infection control measures in place, in line with the results of the relevant risk assessments, to help keep all members of our school community safe.


Should you have any queries or concerns after reading the information in this letter, please contact the school office via telephone on 01772 727471 or via email at bursar@holy-family.lancs.sch.uk


When the school will reopen


The school will reopen fully on Wednesday 2nd September.




Attendance for all pupils is mandatory from the beginning of the Autumn term, including for pupils who have, so far, been advised to shield at home.  Pupils who are self-isolating due to presenting with symptoms of coronavirus, or have been exposed to somebody presenting with symptoms of coronavirus, must not attend school until the self-isolation period has passed or they test negative for coronavirus. If your child presents with coronavirus symptoms, the self-isolation period is ten days; if a member of your household presents with coronavirus symptoms, the self-isolation period for your child is 14 days.


Getting to school


The school will be having a staggered start to the day between 8.40 a.m. and 9.00 a.m. and a finish time of 3.00p.m. to 3.10p.m., until further notice, to allow for effective social distancing and infection control.  This means you can one parent/carer can drop off/pick up anytime between thses times.  Please respect social distancing on the school grounds.  Parents and children to enter the school grounds through the gate near the staff car park.  Parents then to walk out of the school grounds through the gate near the wildlife area.  School must restrict the number of visitors into school and therefore contact with teachers, office staff or the Headteacher must be via telephone, email or a note via your child.  The reception area in school will be closed as social distancing cannot be observed.


Infection control and social distancing measures


It is important that we maintain proportionate infection control and social distancing measures when we welcome back all pupils and staff from the start of the Autumn term. To ensure everyone’s safety, we will be enforcing the following as part of our risk management plan:


  • Anyone who is unwell and displaying symptoms of coronavirus will be asked to stay at home for ten days.
  • Robust hand and respiratory hygiene practises will be encouraged and enforced.
  • Enhanced cleaning will be undertaken as necessary, including cleaning any frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.
  • The NHS ‘Test and Trace’ system will be actively used and followed.
  • Limitations will be placed on the number of people staff and pupils encounter during the school day.
  • Large gatherings will be avoided, e.g. assemblies and collective worship.
  • Pupils will be grouped together and asked to remain in these groups.
  • Contact between groups will be avoided.
  • Classrooms will be arranged to allow for social distancing and desks will be faced forwards to minimise face-to-face interaction between pupils.
  • Pupils will be asked to remain at least two metres away from members of staff, where practicable.

Should any of the above protective measures change at any time, including the need to close the school due to a local lockdown, we will contact you via email as soon as possible.


If your child becomes unwell


If your child becomes unwell at school and develops a new, continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of smell or taste, they will be sent home immediately. They will be told to self-isolate within the school and supervised, as necessary, until they can be collected. The school will contact you via telephone as soon as possible should your child need to go home.


If we do not have your up-to-date contact details, please contact the school office as soon as possible to notify us of any changes.


If your child becomes unwell at home and is presenting with symptoms of coronavirus, we ask that your child does not attend school and instead stays at home for the next ten days or until they test negative for coronavirus. We encourage all parents whose child is presenting with coronavirus symptoms to get their child tested and, where required, their family.


Please contact the school office via telephone before 9:00am to notify us that your child will not be attending. We also ask that you notify the school office as soon as possible with the results of any coronavirus tests your child has undertaken.


How pupils will be grouped


Consistent whole class groups will be enforced when pupils return to school at the start of the Autumn term. We aim for this arrangement to help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission by limiting the number of people pupils encounter throughout the school day. Enforcing strict group arrangements will also help us reduce the number of people who will be asked to self-isolate should a member of the group become ill with coronavirus.


Groups will not be permitted to mix at this time, including during breaktimes and lunchtimes. We will continually review the effectiveness of enforcing these groups, as we understand this arrangement may present educational and logistical challenges.


Should any of the above group arrangements change at any time, the school will notify you via email as soon as possible, as this may affect your child’s arrival and departure times.


Catering arrangements


School kitchens will be fully open from the start of the Autumn term and will serve both hot and cold food. Free school meals (FSM) will be provided as normal. School Meals will be a newly created packed lunch menu.  Pupils will be asked to remain in their designated groups at lunchtime and will eat their lunches in the school hall or classrooms. Infection control and social distancing measures will be enforced during lunchtime and we ask that pupils do not share food, utensils, or cups at this time.  Please ensure that you provide a named water bottle each day for your child to use during the day.


School uniform


The school expects all pupils to wear school uniform from the beginning of the Autumn term – pupils’ compliance will be managed in line with the School Uniform PolicyWe would love for all pupils to return to school in the new uniform but we understand that these last few months have been financially very difficult.  To help with this, children may come into school in their old school uniform until October half term.


Extra Clubs


Breakfast and After School Club will only operate for keyworkers and must be booked and paid for in advance online via Scopay.  To make a booking your account cannot be in debt.


We are committed to supporting you and your child as they transition back into school routine.

We hope you and your family are safe and well.


Yours sincerely,



Mrs J Westray







Lord God, we entrust to you the families and communities

affected by Coronavirus, wherever they may be.

We pray especially for health care workers, that you may guide and protect them.

We pray that your Spirit might inspire those researching new medicines and treatments.

And in the midst of this, keep us strong in faith, hope and love. Grant us the courage and perseverance to be good neighbours.

May the words of your Son Jesus Christ in the Our Father,

be our prayer as we entrust ourselves and all of us who are affected

to your infinite power and love. 


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